Because having a birthday in mid-January is rubbish (everyone’s broke, suffering the post-Christmas-and-New-Year blues and doesn’t want to go out) I opted for a slightly belated ‘Big Birthday Night Out’. Which was why, last night, we went to the Absolut Ice Bar.

You only get a 45 minute slot because it’s -5 degrees in there and it’s about all you can take before your toes start to freeze solid and snap. But you get a big silver cape with a furry-edged hood – which makes it look a bit like a Narnia convention, or a winter ball at Hogwarts – and a cocktail in an ice glass, which melts as you drink from it and leaves mouth-shaped crescents. But the best thing about the Ice Bar? It turns you back into a nine year old.

“The walls are made of ice!” Fun!
“Look at the bar! It’s made of ice!” Fun!
“Is the cocktail menu made of ice! I want the cocktail menu to be made of ice!” (Sadly, it’s made of clear plastic.) Fun!
You play with your glass and try to get it to melt. Fun! Kate and Amy had an impromptu game of boules-cum-shuffleboard with ice glasses skidding over the ice table and knocking into each other. Fun! And there’s a giant ice Absolut bottle that you can go inside! Fun!!

Camera phone image of me and Kate (thumbnail). Look at the wall! It’s made of ice! And our glasses! They’re made of ice!


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