Green Wing plotlets

Argh! I knew Holly was going to unveil a Maclet! This is like the time when I worked out Bruce Willis was a ghost in The Sixth Sense but thought it was such a ridiculous idea and so unlikely to be true that I didn’t tell anyone and after I saw it nobody believed me. So, this is what I think is going to happen next, based on the episode synopses and my own small brain (warning: there are spoilers – if you really care about that stuff then you possibly should get out even more than I should):

  • next week, Mac comes in with some kind of plan to be a dad and still go out with Caroline but Caroline shagging Guy puts paid to all that (Caroline’s hot date? The complementary therapist guy, has to be. Can’t see the hotness myself)
  • Holly’s faking the kid, and Caroline being cruel to be kind is breaking the news to Mac
  • there’s supposed to be a murder, I wouldn’t put it past Sue White to bump off Holly
  • there’s also supposed to be a wedding – I reckon Joanna and Statham
  • there’s definitely a funeral, but I hear it’s Angela’s and frankly I couldn’t give a fuck about her.

Is Sue White actually going to have this baby with Mac’s stolen sperm that she keeps banging on about? It annoys me. Other than the fact she’s calling it Simba. *chuckle* And yay for Harriet! Remember, Lyndon liked Harriet’s big pants x-ray best in the last series… (I have the DVD and I’m slowly going through it, no I did NOT memorise the last series). And it would be quite scary to have Alan Statham as my MP, the MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, an option flagged up this episode. Wonder what he’d make of the stupid flashing speeding signs? Possibly find some grammatical error.

Oh yeah, and the final episode of the series isn’t the final episode; there’s going to be a Christmas special which is the ‘ninth’ episode of the series. Which I bet means the DVD won’t be out til early next year. Bollocks.

While I’m at it:

Steve McManaman, one of my earliest and longest crushes

Julian Rhind-Tutt, aka “Mac”. Gosh, I wonder why I watch so much Green Wing


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