Looks like it’s going to rain outside (needs to as well, been so sticky and humid this last two days) and I have a voucher for free internet at the bus station, so that’s where I am. Have just bought my ticket to Bohinj for tomorrow, and excuse any typos – foreign keyboard layout, you know…

My GOD I love Slovenia!! Ljubljana’s so unbelievably pretty and laid-back. Mmmm. And I have also decided I like the Slovenian language. Now, I like my languages gutteral and glottal (notice the love of German), but when it comes to Russian it sounds a bit too much like a circular saw. But Slovenian! Imagine Russian sanded down and buffed to a high shine. That’s Slovenian. You still need the back of your throat to speak it, but it has a soft velvety burr to it that the other Teutonic languages lack.

Ljubljana’s such a green city as well. I have a black and white film in my camera and finding appropriate things to shoot is quite hard, because all landscape shots are covered in trees. So I’ve been snapping individual architectural items, like statuary and quirky stuff. Hopefully by the time I get to Bohinj I’ll have used up the film and I can switch to colour for all the gorgeous blueness of the lake and the greenness of the trees and the blackness of the mountains.

Incidentally, I’m reading Stephen Fry’s autobiograpy at the moment, which may account for some of the flowery language.

Found a channel showing Eurovision as well. Ha, Lordi rule! Very much looking forward to watching the final tonight. And Finland have the number 17 slot, too, which is my lucky number. Does the final have public voting like the semis, or is it all done by juries still? I know some countries introduced phone voting a few years ago but as I’ve been out of the damn country for the last three Eurovisions I don’t know if that’s still the case…

Also. Ho Hum. Saw The Da Vinci Code yesterday. (Films in Slovenia are subtitled, never dubbed.) Couldn’t help it, I had to, it’s like car crash filmmaking. Obviously it’s preposterous but then the book’s preposterous – but it’s not as bad as the critics have bee saying (then, having been around these people myself for some time, I know how much reviewing is about snobbery and how much is about the actual film. For a lot of reviewers I’d say the ratio is about 60/40). Ian McKellen is wondeful in it (I think a lot of the English stereotype stuff was lost on the Slovenian audience; I pissed myself at the part where Teabing is quizzing Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou at the gates to his house – an American beating an Englishman at rowing? Surely such a travesty has never happened) and Tom Hanks is nowhere near as portly as he is in the publicity materials. Actually still quite an attractive man. Holy fuck, I’ve been single for too long if I’m actually fancying Tom Hanks…

Minor detractions from this glorious city: my hotel is central but unfortunately quite close to a nightclub, and I can hear the bass beat in the room (and occasionally the actual song; sometime about 1.30am it was "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", but usually it’s just thumping techno), and yesterday appeared to be the International Mixed Under 21s Referees Convention – no other way to explain the hundreds of, what the Prince of Wales would call, ‘young people’ wandering around the town in orange t-shirts blowing whistles. Constantly. Wherever you went there was whistle-blowing. Actually, I think it’s this Festival Pomladi – oh lovely, which is sponsored by one of my old employers, the British Council (Slovenia). Next time guys, lose the fucking whistles, alright?

I am going now; this internet booth smells slightly of old sweat and I’m going to wander the local market, take pictures of the cathedral and perhaps pop up to the castle. And definitely have a nap this afternoon when it’s quiet and peaceful!!


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