I may have a cat

I don’t really blog about Cats much, do I? I suppose talking about one’s “charity” work is a bit middle class isn’t it? But I do spend every other Sunday afternoon down at the Archway Rehoming Centre playing with the cats and updating the website. When I started, about two years ago, I met a cat called Elgar. I’d been warned not to go in one of the pens because one of the cats was being vicious and hissy. I’d been in to stroke another cat and this large, jet-black cat came to the front of his pen and starting mewing and rubbing against the bars; obviously I went in and it was such an affectionate thing! Licking my hands and purring and climbing into my lap. When the staff came down they were stunned – this was the so-called monster they’d all been scared of! I couldn’t take him – the flat isn’t at all suitable for a cat, and after a few weeks he was rehomed with a family. I was surprised that he’d been friendly towards them – he originally lived with an elderly man and I thought a family might be a bit rowdy for him. And so it proved – at the six month follow-up call, it turned out that Elgar vanished a fortnight after they started letting him out of the house.

I presumed he’d run away or been hit by a car. And then today I found out that he’d been picked up by the RSPCA! All cats are microchipped and registered to the Centre so it was us they called. The Centre staff will go pick him up this week; they have to call the previous owners, but the guy seemed so unbothered about Elgar’s disappearance when I spoke to him that I doubt they’ll want him back. And I don’t think he should go back – it seems like he made a conscious decision to not go back to them and has spent the last 18 months as a stray. So, if the previous family doesn’t want him, and he still likes me… I think he’s going to go into foster care and I’ll pay for his upkeep until I can get somewhere for him to live. I’ve been telling estate agents I already have a cat (of course; can you imagine the rubbish they’d offer me if I didn’t have a definite reason why I had to have a garden?), and now I really could have one!

Here are some photos of Elgar I dug out from when he was originally in the Centre:

And a movie of him. Watch how he shuts his eyes when he’s being petted; and then he licks my hand and rubs his head against me. Aw; he liked me.


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