Oh dear. It’s been a very busy couple of days, so let’s start at the beginning…

On Thursday I spoke to the surveyor about the results of the flat survey… it’s not good. In fact, it’s so not good I’ve pulled out of the purchase. Let me quote the highlights:

  • Dampness, rot & infestion: Dampness is affecting the rear staircase ground floor lobby and there is rot to visible timbers. I suspect this is due to penetrating and rising damp.
  • External decorations: External decorations to the rear are particularly poor and the re-decoration which has been carried out to the front is not to a very good standard.
  • Internal walls: There are extensive areas of loose, hollow and uneven plaster throughout the property which should be hacked off and renewed. This could be expensive and disruptive throughout the property.
  • Internal joinery: There is bad rot to the rear staircase timbers and complete replacement of the staircase or an extensive rebuild will be required. This will be disruptive to both ground and first floor flats and will be expensive. Internal doors do not locks in places and do not fit well and should be adjusted. Many window locks are broken or missing and should be replaced.
  • Electricity: The electrical wiring may not comply with current standards having no residual current device, limited socket outlets and older switches and upgrading may be required.
  • Ceilings: The first floor ceilings may contain asbestos material. This may represent a health risk and you should take care during repair, maintenance or removal. This could be expensive.

In other words, rip out and replace the back stairs, undertake damp precautions and repair, and doing the re-wiring and re-plastering will inevitably damage the ceilings, which will mean getting in specialists to remove it. I mean, you have got to be kidding! Damp and asbestos! I immediately called the agents and withdrew the offer. Annoyingly I had to pay for the survey rather than it being in with the mortgage, but at least I don’t have to pay the solicitors and IFA anything.

Back to the drawing board then…


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