Am I uncreditworthy?

Speaking of banks, I got rejected for a GE Money credit card this week (it’s actually a great deal – 0% on balance transfers and purchases for 12 months – but only a great deal if you can get it, I suppose). I’ve written off for a copy of my credit score, but I had a free trial with Experian about a month ago and I know my credit record is spotless. So either the landlord has ended up getting a CCJ against the building or something for his unpaid council tax, or maybe my credit record is too spotless. Isn’t the country supposed to be drowning in debt? Aren’t financial officials supposed to be concerned that we’re all living on borrowed time with our massive debts? And yet credit card companies reject people based on the likelihood that you’ll repay the card off every month and not build up interest? Maybe I should default on my current credit card in the next few months… if I can’t get a no-interest-on-purchases card I’m so screwed…


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