Fuck off, Jamie

Me not posting about the flat hunt would be like Helen not posting about Finn, or Jamie posting without complaining about something. Anyway, I saw two more today and one was almost a maybe, but in the end neither made the grade.

You know I’m probably going to have to flathunt instead of watching the World Cup? Do you have any idea how pissed off that makes me?


10 responses to “Fuck off, Jamie

  1. Helen June 7, 2006 at 6:41 am

    Please don’t draw me into your arguements, The webpage is about Finn, that is why he features on it so much. I’m not one of those mad obsessive mothers. It just seemed like the socially acceptable version of long, doting, boring group emails.

  2. kate June 7, 2006 at 11:08 am

    hey, i’ve been looking for a reason to avoid all the world cup crap, maybe i can do your househunting and you can watch the footie 😉

  3. Jamie June 7, 2006 at 2:47 pm

    An entire post dedicated to me!
    Helen (watch as I drag her into the argument) is right. Her page is about Finn so her family can see his progress etc. etc. My page is about complaining and boring, smart-arsed social commentary. If you notice, I don’t use my blog to talk about me so much as stuff that I / people find annoying. You won’t find a post on my blog talking about how I’m thinking or rearranging my room. BUT, you might find a comment about how when it comes to rearranging your room, it’s likely that if you try to put all your furniture back in the same place, it won’t look right. IT’S CRAZY OBSERVATIONS ABOUT LIFE. Think of it as listening to a rather boring observational comedian for months on end.
    All I was saying is that sure, flat hunting is an important part of your life at the moment, but your limited readership (as all us blog writers have limited readership) might not want to hear every detail about each flat and thus, you might isolate readers. Geddit? We (as in the general public) want snappy comments and summaries about goings on in the world of Bagelmouse you see. If you flat hunt for another year, if your entire blog gonna be about that? Fair enough, but then you should call it “Studio Living” or something.
    Um, anyway you get my point. No offence intended, but seriously, I keep on flicking to this page only to read 2000 words on the mould above a staircase. Why not have a humourous rant about how your estate agent clearly had a a piss stain on his suit or something.
    Each to their own, but remember: The comment section on a blog is so people can air their own feeble opinions on your ramblings. That’s the point. Otherwise it wouldn’t be on the internet, in the full glare of the whole world (minus PNG – see cluster map for further evidence).
    I’ve only ever deleted two non-spam comments from my blog, as they were pretty vicious put downs (only from people I know), other than that I let people rant. Still, if I were you, I’d do exactly the same thing and have a big post saying “Fuck Off [insert name of person likely to offend here]”, so hairy muff. The only trick you missed was putting a photo of my up (available on lots of blogs) and photo-shopping a flaccid cock to my forehead. No that’s the power of blogs.

  4. kate June 7, 2006 at 2:59 pm

    i enjoy reading the sordid details of every flat rach looks at.
    not as much as i enjoy reading posts abusing jamie, though, naturally.

  5. Rachel June 7, 2006 at 3:30 pm

    Oh, for God’s sake Jamie… now, as someone who writes for a living and tells other people about tone and content, I perhaps should have realised that swearing at Jamie in a post title might not have been seen as the lighthearted jab it was intended, but dude – do you seriously think I’d turn on you and have a genuine go at you? And why on earth would I delete a comment? Comment is free, and the Guardian points out… I write so much about the flathunting search because it is all that my life revolves around at the moment; it’s making me miserable (hence why I might not feel in the mood to write a humorous rant) and frankly, as a friend I would hope I’d have been supported in my miserable time of need… (see my GP wanting to put me back on anti-depressants…)
    Helen – I think you’re completely entitled to post about Finn, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, just like I don’t in actual fact think there’s anything wrong with Jamie complaining about stuff, or that there’s anything wrong with me posting about flathunting 🙂

  6. Jamie June 7, 2006 at 3:51 pm

    Yo, no problem. I hardly take stuff personally. Or myself seriously. So everyone’s a winner.
    So we’re all in argreement then, it’s Helen’s fault?
    Can’t believe how she stirred things up.

  7. Helen June 8, 2006 at 6:18 am

    It was precisely two sentences into Jamie’s rant that I thought, oh dear I’ve stirred things up. I cannot deny, sorry about that. For what its worth I always thought you could write about whatever you write on your blog, with no responsibility to entertain or keep ratings high, that was the whole point.

  8. Rachel June 8, 2006 at 10:36 pm

    Oh come on, this is Jamie, ranting is what he does best 🙂 I just write a single issue blog with a slightly larger subject…

  9. Will June 9, 2006 at 12:12 am

    Jamie, stop moaning about Frosties.
    Rachel, stop moaning about being homeless.
    Helen, stop moaning about being happy and having a son and all. (plus i promise I’ll email you soon – just had a lot of stuff on etc).
    Will, stop moaning about how life has served you up a can of beans when all you wanted was some small fish fried.
    end of.

  10. Jamie June 9, 2006 at 10:18 am

    I was only joking. You didn’t do anything. It was all Will.
    Anyway, visit my blog. It’s sooooooooooo funny, when you read it, you’ll go red with embarassment.
    That’s a good sign right?

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