Feet! I hate feet!

I’m so stupid. I wore new shoes today (I’ve been wearing them around the house, I thought they were reasonably broken in) and I am hurting and blistered; I had to go to Boots to buy bandage and Savlon and several different types of plaster. Why is that feet forget how to handle shoes next to the skin over Winter? Do socks really offer so much protection?! Why, every June, do my feet have to be red raw? It’s horrid, it really is.

This has just reminded me of a fairly gross anecdote from working in a previous job; I had to collect and answer all emails from the public about film-related matters. One guy emailed in – to, it seemed, every female email address he could find on the website – asking if we knew of any films that involved ‘pedal pumping‘ and sent in clips of some movie with a girl in a car stuck in some mud while a crazy axeman was trying to get in, her frantically hitting the accelerator to get away. Cue lots of cutaway shots to feet. Whatever happened to good old fashioned porn that doesn’t horribly victimise women? Anyway, in the end, he was sent a reply that read:

"While we do have a comprehensive database of British films, we have not yet started categorising them by fetish."


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