Opening game not a draw: shock miracle

I know I’ve been saying that England’s opening games in major tournaments are usually rubbish, but I didn’t quite expect the Paraguay game to be quite that dismal. And what the hell was Eriksson thinking, replacing Owen with Stewart Downing in the 51st minute? "Ah, we are one goal up and playing so brilliantly nothing will get past us. So, I shall replace Michael "scourge of the Argentinians" Owen with Stewart "sort of scourge of the Tyne" Downing. Yes, I know Owen’s probably not fully match fit yet, but still… and then I wonder what his thinking was later on? "Hmm, the decision to take off Owen will be fully understood by the press and fans back in England. But I cannot possibly fail to give them something to ridicule me for. What can I do… Ah! Hargreaves! I almost didn’t see you sitting there!" Hargreaves for Joe Cole? Oh, the humanity…

Actually, I think all the shit heaped on Hargreaves may be a bit unfair; he plays for Bayern, he really can’t be that dreadful. But the constant favouritism is bizarre, other players who’ve underperformed for England just as regularly got dropped faster than… oh, a big slippery heavy thing. (It’s hot; my brain’s on hold.)

Anyway we won. Just. They’d just better get better, is all I’m saying…


One response to “Opening game not a draw: shock miracle

  1. Anonymous June 12, 2006 at 9:21 am

    What you staring at you caant? Come on then you slags!
    *throws bottles and plastic chairs before being hit by tank mounted water cannon*

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