*jumps up and down in excitement*

I just talked to Elgar’s foster carer, and I’m going to see him on Monday night! He sounds just like I remember him – a smart, sophisticated cat. A grown up cat. A cat that knows his own mind. She actually sounds like she’s grown really attached to him, her voice went a bit small when I mentioned taking him. Poor woman, it’s the first time she’s ever fostered – I guess you get into the mindset of the cat being ‘yours’. She says he’s not at all grumpy, and when he wants cuddles he’s a very purry little beastie. And she has the same gut feeling I did about where he was homed before he ran away – that he wouldn’t get on with kids at all. He needs somewhere that’s calm, somewhere he won’t get surprised by loud noises and kids being unpredictable. I’m not surprised he legged it as soon as he was allowed outside.

Oh, I love this cat so much! Though I am getting pangs of guilt about Felix. I’m trying to think of it as like a second husband; the first one is your great love, and after being widowed you still want the companionship but you’re not going to have that soulmate connection. So I’ve fallen for Elgar – independent but companiable, mature but affectionate.


2 responses to “*jumps up and down in excitement*

  1. Will June 30, 2006 at 1:06 pm

    You know I can’t do Monday right? Just make sure he’s has his nails clipped.

  2. Rachel June 30, 2006 at 3:48 pm

    Do you ever check your emails? (*thinks: I did email you last night, right?*) She can’t do Sunday, I can’t do Tuesday.
    And you jest – I remember, when Felix got old and wasn’t getting out as much as he used to, mum used to sit him down and file his claws with an emery board since he wasn’t using the fence as a scratching post any more…
    Speaking of scratching posts, that’s what the £25 scratching post is for 🙂

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