I said it, and I wish I’d been wrong – Rooney threw a tantrum and got himself sent off. Yes, it was deserved – you can’t kick someone in the nuts and then have a shoving match under the nose of the referee and expect to stay on the pitch. Especially not how the refs have been this tournament. Says a lot though, that as soon as we went down to 10 men we played the best we’ve done yet (why do football fans insist on saying "we"? What, didn’t you see me out there at Gelsenkirchen? That was me helping Terry out with his cramp, what do you mean you missed me?).

So, yet another quarter-final defeat on penalties. I’m not quite sure I want to talk any more about it just yet.


One response to “Rooney

  1. Jamie July 2, 2006 at 11:04 pm

    I’m still to gutted to even comment on this yet. It’s too soon.
    (no joke).

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