Purry and furry

I went to see Elgar this evening for the first time in two years. And he’s just as I remember him. Bit fatter perhaps (he’s totally overeating, understandable reaction to being a stray for nearly two years and not knowing where your next meal’s coming from) so I think it’ll be Science Plan Indoor Cat food until he starts to go outside and get some exercise… Gave him a toy mouse stuffed with catnip and he went absolutely nuts over it – is that stuff kitty heroin or something? A cat that would normally just sit there and blink at you goes mental when you give it catnip. (Though Felix didn’t. He just looked at me as if to say "what? A toy? Oh come on, you know I’m too snuggly to do anything like playing".) So that solves the problem of convincing Elgar to use the scratching post instead of Uncle Will’s furniture – cover it in catnip! But he licked my hands like he used to, and we had a bit of a purrfest on the sofa. Oh! He’s just lovely. I think he’ll be very happy living with me.


One response to “Purry and furry

  1. kate July 4, 2006 at 9:18 am

    good to hear you’re happily reunited!! now you just need to move house … any progress on that front? c’mon you haven’t blogged about the house for ages, don’t let jamie put you off!! 😉

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