Helen’s at it again

Looks like congratulations and lovely anti-stretch-mark goodies are due in the general direction of Sydney again! And I’ll give excellent odds on the due date being accurate this time – my birthday is shared by so many other people I know, that another one will be a welcome member of the club. Though, warnings for people with mid-January birthdays so Helen can prepare Munchkin and everyone else in advance:

  • Joint birthday and Christmas presents suck
  • When Munchkin gets older, everyone will be so whacked out from Christmas and New Year that a second birthday in summer is a good idea
  • Global warming means that it’s far less likely to snow on your birthday any more (this only really works in the Northern hemisphere)

Other than that, mid-January birthdays are pretty much OK. You get to put cards up to make the post-Christmas bare walls more bearable, and it’s something to lighten up January, which is a pretty rubbish month. Especially, I guess, when you’re just waiting around getting bigger until you get to go into labour. Probably just as well that January is sunny in Australia…


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