It’s theoretically supposed to be getting cooler at the moment, but the humidity’s made yesterday and today feel worse than Super-Heated Wednesday. I feel like starting a national campaign for public nudity – except for pants, for the love of god keep your pants on – in an attempt to be able to go five minutes without being covered in sweat.

My office doesn’t have proper air conditioning (I presume in an attempt at environment friendliness – the lights are on motion sensors as well, which usually has the effect of plunging you into darkness just as you’re really concentrating on something and so haven’t moved in ten minutes) and it seems that the ventilation can’t cope with external temperatures above 27 degrees. The system’s pulling in hot air from outside and the chillers overheat and stop working – the motors then have to cool down before they can be restarted. So we get hot air circulated round the building. My team sits in the south-west corner so it gets really hot at about 1pm; the temperature at 3.30pm today was 26 degrees. No wonder I’m so unproductive.


One response to “Heat

  1. Will July 22, 2006 at 3:26 pm

    I don’t know what they’re called but I wish I’d picked up some of those full length arab robes that they wear in Dubai – perfect for this kind of weather.
    Though I may get some funny looks on the tube.

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