Home for the weekend

I’m going back home tomorrow afternoon, for a weekend of clearing out all my old stuff cos this could be the last visit home before my parents sell the house. Won’t that be fun? And I can have lovely Northern fish and chips with vaguely soggy batter rather than crispy batter the way they are down here. Oh, what will I do when my parents move to Spain and I can’t have proper Northern fish and chips any more?

I got a bunch of legal paperwork about my own flat sale/purchase today and it said that the vendor bought the place four years ago – guess how much for? Go on, guess.

Go on.

It’ll make me very happy.

Oh alright then.

It was exactly half the advertised sale price. £86k, and it was up for £172k. I guess that makes sense, I did wonder why it was on for such a weird price; I suppose it appealed to the vendor’s sense of humour. How on earth did it manage to double in price in just four years?! Wow, the housing market is insane.


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