I scream

Just been to a work dinner at the Oxo Tower brasserie. I’ve always wanted to go in there – still have no idea how much it costs, and even though it was very yummy I wouldn’t want to go if I was hungry. It’s more about the flavours and the presentation than filling your stomach… though the chocolate pudding was the best, richest, most wonderful thing I’ve ever tasted. It came with a mango ice cream too, which was a marvellous contrast.

I have decided, when I get my flat, that I want an ice cream maker. Everyone should have at least one useless kitchen gadget and I have none, not even a toastie sandwich maker. (Though I am going to commandeer my parents’ blender, which is as old as me and rather splendidly retro-orange plastic. Brief tangent – speaking of my age, I found out today that I’m the oldest person in my team at work. This came as a hell of a shock. I’ve never been the oldest in the team before! Thank god I’m also one of the most senior.)

Anyway, I want one of these Magimix ice cream makers. It’s a bit late in the summer now, but the overgrown garden next door has a blackberry bush growing next to my fence and I really fancy making fresh blackberry ice cream, or my own version of Cherry Garcia. (Oh God, one of Ben and Jerry’s "special stores" is in my home town of Morley. I know it’s Yorkshire Day, but I’d appreciate not being stalked by it.)


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