Forging the documents

Got a call from my solicitor on Wednesday. She’d just called the seller’s solicitor – who was off sick, so she spoke to the secretary. All we’re waiting for is confirmation of some stuff from the freeholder, who’s Lewisham Council so it’s not like there’s going to be anything dodgy.

Secretary: Oh yeah, it looks like those haven’t been sent off yet. Although, looking at them, I could probably fill those in for you.
My Solicitor: Oh no you don’t! Send them off now!

Very Margaret-practising-the-President’s-signature.

Apparently the estate agent spent ten minutes that afternoon yelling down the phone at them that they’ve had the papers for three weeks, what the hell do they think they’ve been doing?!

If the vendor’s solicitor can pull her finger out of her ass, hopefully we’ll exchange contracts on Monday or Tuesday and complete on the 21st. Oh crap, that’s only a little over a week away! Wow… I think I should probably take my hands away from my ears and stop singing ‘lalala I can’t hear you’ now.


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