I’m funny how?

Twice in the last week, people at work have told me that they love getting my emails cos I’m so funny. One actually called me to tell me. I’m quite freaked out. I mean, I admit I’m probably vaguely amusing at times, but what’s with the sudden ability to make people guffaw? One line that had them rolling in the aisles was the pedestrian:

"Don’t schedule the meeting for the start of next week because I’m likely to be running round like a moron signing papers for the new flat."

I was asked – "how do you run round like a moron? You’re so funny!" (I said you run up and down corridors flailing your limbs and waggling your head. I don’t bloody know!)

I think this may be because I write my emails to colleagues at my seniority level as I talk (but with less swearing), so maybe I write like a human being instead of a business drone? I feel a bit like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas.


One response to “I’m funny how?

  1. kate August 12, 2006 at 12:57 am

    are they yanks? if so, there’s your answer. anything we ‘brits’ do is funny according to them.

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