They started it!

I have no idea how accurate this article by George Monbiot is; I’m too tired to start researching every incursion on the Israel-Lebanon border over the last six years but if anyone feels like it, please be my guest. I also don’t know how seriously anyone will take this article (look at the first few comments; this is the problem with articles from notorious left-wing yoghurt knitters) but it does fit very neatly into my general experience of history that big, world-changing events don’t start from the seemingly obvious point. World War One didn’t start because Archduke Franz Ferdinand got assassinated; World War Two didn’t start because Germany invaded Poland.

Anyway, this gigantic fuck-up didn’t start because Hizbullah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers. Did it start when Israel failed to release the 15 Lebanese it’s been holding since it occupied Lebanon? Did it start every time in the last several years that Hizbullah have fired rockets into Israel? When things get into this bad a state, you can barely pick apart who started what any more. What matters right now is that people are dying and neither side can be arsed to stop willy-waggling for five minutes so that aid can get through.


2 responses to “They started it!

  1. Nick August 12, 2006 at 12:08 pm

    Was talking to a friend the other night about what was going on. Israel is facing a bit of a water crisis. It is basically drying up in a lot of places. He told me to look up the Litani river on a map, a river which is a major source of water. I think you can guess where it happens to be.

  2. Rachel August 14, 2006 at 9:09 pm

    You know, now you say, I have heard of that before. Hmm.

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