I would say I’ve been deliberately ignoring the latest Foiled Terror Plot (© all tabloids) but in actuality whenever I’ve sat down to my computer I’ve forgotten all about it, which probably tells you more about my state of mind than anything else. Yeah yeah, new bunch of wankers plan to blow stuff up. It’s not exactly fun, but as this article points out (nice catch Pete), this stuff’s going to happen for years to come and if I start freaking out now, in fifteen years time I’ll never leave the damn house. I actually have the same feeling I had on 7th July, which is:

Come on fuckers, bring it on. This is London. You think you can take us? I would love to see you try.

My main interest in this story has been all the restrictions on hand luggage. I haven’t spotted any stories about Ryanair charging passengers to check their hand luggage into the hold, or planes running out of water/charging £3 a bottle, though of course Michael O’Leary is whinging about having to cancel flights. I don’t see Stelios bitching. God, I hate that guy.


One response to “PUT DOWN THE SIPPY CUP!

  1. Rachel August 15, 2006 at 11:06 am

    Sorry, had to laugh -Ryanair lambasts “nonsensical new hand baggage restrictions“.
    ‘How dare they put passenger and aircraft safety above our ridiculously short turnaround times? We never have!’

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