Where’s the fecking paperwork?!

YEURGH, my apple juice just went down the wrong way and I got that nasty vomit taste when you have to bring stuff back up.

Just thought I’d share. Anyway…

Vendor’s solicitor is still being an asswipe and not getting the paperwork together. I’ve been pretty laid back about everything so far, but it’s now getting to the stage where if the paperwork doesn’t come together within the next few days I’m going to be cramming the move and the attendant faffing into the end of next week (ie, before the bank holiday) which will be a real pain in the jacksy. And I’m getting antsy. And other words ending in "sy". (Pleurisy? Epilepsy?)

And to add to the weirdness, the letting agent has started bringing people round my current flat. It’s like a bombsite, I feel quite bad. And embarrassed. But what’s making me increasingly pleased that I’m buying and escaping the clutches of landlords is that I handed in a list of stuff that has been steadily falling apart since I’ve lived here (leaks making the kitchen ceiling sag, paint peeling off by the shower, windowframes rotting) and evidently they plan to whip some new sap in the second I hand in the keys. Hmm. Even though the electrical report on the new flat shows that I’ll need to install some heating controls (what kind of place doesn’t have a timer on the central heating?!) and other bits and bobs, it’s totally worth it.


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