Dylan Moran rules

Woohoo! Have bought tickets for Dylan Moran at the Hammersmith Apollo on a day which will hopefully be at the end of my moving-home period (don’t get me started on that; spoke to the vendor and solicitor yesterday and it’s just getting pushed further and further back); got stung horribly by bloody Ticketmaster’s fees and charges. I do object to those fees and normally find ways around it, but I’m not sure where else they’re being sold and Hammersmith is too far away to go to the venue in person. Should be an excellent night though – when I saw the Monster tour I laughed so hard my face ached the whole of the next day.

Ah. Looks like I’m going to spend this evening shouting at the TV, as Channel 4 are running yet another documentary on Hitler, this one apparently claiming that Hitler wanted to keep his family out of the limelight and that ‘nobody knows much about them’ and ‘he tried to keep them hidden from the public’. Bollocks. Hitler invented the Mother’s Medal in memory of his mum and I think instigated a national holiday in honour of mothers, and was totally sleeping with his niece. *sigh* Normally I only shout at David Starkey. Nice to spread the vitriol around.


2 responses to “Dylan Moran rules

  1. Jamie August 20, 2006 at 3:30 pm

    God I hate David Starky. He made my hate list a while back. What a cunt.
    Dylan Morgan is wicked but he’s a little TOO Irish. Like, if he was anymore Irish, he’d explode. And that’swhy a lot of English people worship him. “He’s Irish, he must be BRILLIANT!”
    (not saying that’s why you like him of course…)

  2. Rachel August 20, 2006 at 4:37 pm

    I like Dylan Moran in spite of his Irishness; I too despise all that worship of the Irish that happened a few years ago, some sudden Guinness coloured mist that descended on the English after the Irish tourist industry decided it could make a quick buck out of the old enemy.
    I worship at the feet of Black Books. Plus, he’s a very attractive man with his lovely twinkly eyed smile… *goes to take a cold shower*

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