Entry to the Metro club: £6
A night’s worth of beer: (checks purse) £20, apparently
Exposure to King Lizard: several nightmares
Lemon and fizzy water to aid rehydration the next day: 80p
Sleeping til 3pm: priceless.

PearlyBruce‘s side project The El Dude Brothers played the Metro last night and were splendid (did I just wreck all the band’s credibility by using the word "splendid"?), a night headlined by King Lizard. METAAAAAAAAAL!! I never thought the Metro would be big enough to hold so many RAWK cliches, but as with so many other things I was wrong. You want guitar solos? Check. You want big hair? Check. You want sub Guns n Roses 80s metal ‘sounds’? Check. You want much cigarette-aided showmanship? Check. Bloody marvellous.

I would also like to know why I am incapable of staying awake on a night bus. I set my mobile alarm but misjudged the timing (again) and it went off outside the Colney Hatch Tesco again. Honestly, the number of times I’ve had to clatter down the stairs and wait for a bus back to Muswell Hill. Of course it’s not the most spectacular falling-asleep-post-beer incident ever. Many years ago, during my short sojourn in Ealing just after I first moved to London, I was stupendously drunk (ah, those were the days) and found myself at Embankment – couldn’t really focus on the District Line destination boards so I hopped on whatever train pulled up, instantly fell asleep and kept hopping off two stops later when I woke up and thought I should get off and see where I was in case I’d gone too far. Took about four changes to get to Earls Court where I changed to the Piccadilly Line… and woke up the stop before Heathrow just in time to peg it across the platform and get the last train back to central London. Got off at Acton Town for the last train to Ealing – and once I finally got home I fell asleep on the loo. Boyfriend at the time only registered that I got into bed at about 5am and naturally leapt to the conclusion I’d been out with another guy. Not the argument you want to have with that kind of hangover…


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