I’m going to take over Feed Me today anyway, so I thought I’d do it with lots of small posts rather than fewer, but ginormous, ones.

I’m absolutely loving the new ad for the Astra (you know, the one where the cars fly all over the place? Usually I can never remember which ads are for which cars – which defeats the point, shurely? – so I made a special effort to remember that). Even though the first shot of the car backflipping off the roof freaks me out (I went through a phase of having nightmares where I’d watch planes take off, and climb so steeply they’d flip over backwards and crash. *shudder*) I still bloody love it. Especially the pay-off at the end with the driver missing the postbox opening. Yes, yes, I know adverts are the devil’s work, but on the other hand they provide an outlet for some of the more creative arts that you just can’t get the cash for in the short film world.

Also loving the Becks ‘four steps‘ advert. Cue much laughing and finger-pointing from Jamie, who is convinced I only drink Becks. For the thousandth time, I don’t much like Becks, but if you will insist on going to shitty pubs with a rubbish beer selection it’s often all they have, alright?

Oh, and has anyone else noticed that the tube station at the end of the ad for the Times football supplement The Game is East Finchley? I’m taking that as a shout-out!


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