Flat update

I’ve been putting off writing this update because frankly, it’s getting painful. But anyway, I still haven’t moved. I still haven’t got a completion date. In fact, I still haven’t got the landlord enquiries that I was waiting for a fortnight ago! My solicitor got a letter from the shower o’ bastards saying we’d have the landlord enquiries by about the 22nd. However, what the letter neglected to mention was that the shower o’ bastard was going to be on holiday all last week, and wasn’t intending to tell anyone about it or put anyone else in charge of doing the work.

We found out – and when I say we, I mean me, my solicitor, the estate agent and the vendor – when my solicitor finally got it out of the shower o’ bastards’ secretary on Thursday. I have no idea what they told told her the previous three days she’d chased them.

Landlord enquiries are very simple. I need to know from my freeholder, which is Lewisham Council, what the ground rent and annual service charge will be, plus any predicted works (which there are) and how much they are likely to cost and when they’ll want paying. All standard stuff. The replies are probably sitting in the shower o’ bastards mail file right now, unopened. All they had to do was open the mail, find the relevant letter and send it on. Apparently that’s too hard.

Anyway, the vendor’s maternity leave has now run out and my tenancy runs out on the 9th September. We are completing on the 8th. Do you understand? We. Are. Completing. On. The. 8th.


2 responses to “Flat update

  1. kate August 28, 2006 at 5:20 pm

    nick’s away from the 5th for a week if you need a place to stay!

  2. Rachel August 29, 2006 at 10:02 am

    Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god the landlord enquiries came in! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!

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