Solicitor shitehawks

Yesterday my Dad took £22,606.98 (yes, I’m an only child. And?) round to my solicitor in preparation for exchange, and up to about 3pm today I thought we were actually going to do it today. This day. Thursday. And then I got a message from my solicitor saying that the vendor’s solicitor left Cunningham Blake yesterday (yes! that’s who they are!) citing ‘personal problems’. And again, nobody thought to tell us until we got in touch with them…

So someone else is taking over the file. And this new solicitor says that, even though I’ve been told for weeks by the vendor and the estate agent that the seller’s purchase was ready and we were just waiting for my paperwork, actually the seller’s purchase isn’t ready and they might, possibly, be able to exchange next week and they can’t promise completion on the 8th (you know, the day before I become homeless?). My solicitor’s got tomorrow off work so she’s briefed one of her colleagues and tomorrow morning I’m calling this guy, because I need to know (I NEED TO KNOW!):

  • whether the seller’s flat really isn’t ready, or if the new solicitor just missed a piece of paper in the two hours she’s had with the file
  • if it really isn’t ready, what’s missing and how long is it likely to take to sort out (if they’re talking about possible exchange next week it can’t be that big a thing. Surely)
  • what this seven days between exchange and completion thing actually is (because nobody else seems to know) and how much money I’ll need to throw at it to make it go away. Hey, apparently I’m loaded so I might as well.

So, OK, you could argue at this point that maybe handing in my notice wasn’t a very bright thing to do, but even with paying for storage and the second removal van to take the stuff out of storage and into the flat I’ll still save about £300 on what I’d have paid in rent. Obviously there’s the massive inconvenience for me and whoever’s floor I end up sleeping on (thankyouKate) and I know we still haven’t exchanged yet and this mindless optimism that this won’t all fall to pieces is bizarre given the fiasco everything’s been so far; but hopefully this new solicitor will pull their finger out and as I’m going to be on the phone to everyone I can be every single minute of the sweet long day, I still have faith that we might even still complete by the 8th.

And then, I’m going to spend some time getting very drunk.


One response to “Solicitor shitehawks

  1. kate September 1, 2006 at 10:19 am

    ah well, these things are sent to try us. house sales are always like this from what i’ve heard – if it’s not your solicitor, it’s their solicitor, or the vendor themselves, or someone further up the chain, or the estate agent, or the surveyor ….
    just think about it like this – once it’s done, you don’t ever have to move again. i know i’m bloody not!
    i shall roll out the spare duvet in anticipation of your arrival … 🙂

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