Mmm, butternut squash…

The second recipe on this page makes just the nicest veggie thing in the world. It’s the only recipe I’ve ever torn out of a magazine and kept. Roasted squash (yeah, I know the recipe says pumpkin but whatever) and red onion niceness.

Dear lord, someone downstairs seems to fancy themselves as an opera singer. I am ever so slightly concerned. Actually… on one side I have the terrible singer and the other I have a banshee wailing. (It may be a woman laughing, but it’s very hard to tell.) Ah well, only a week left.


One response to “Mmm, butternut squash…

  1. kate September 2, 2006 at 5:05 pm

    yum, that sounds great. shame nick won’t go near butternut squash to save his life … never mind, we can make it while he’s away next week!!

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