Crazy cat lady

And of course, at the end of the first week, Elgar moved in. My parents were stunned at how good he was during the car journey home; he didn’t make a single sound, even as Dad and I sniped at each other over the navigation and the missed turning by the house; even though it took over an hour to get home. He spent the first day hiding behind the sofa and under the TV table (hated to break it to him that the TV table is glass, so we could still see him) and the first night trampling all over me (sofabed; parents got the bedroom) and miaowing to be let into the bedroom. He won. As he won for about 10 days afterwards and I got bugger all sleep… the door stays shut now. He doesn’t mind. I hear him racing around the hallway, pawing Catnip Birdie up and down the stairs, and I get a 7am alarm mrrrrow. (Wish I knew where he keeps his damn watch; I’d take it away from him on weekends.)

He will eat whatever you put in front of him (I win! I win!).
He’s bizarrely not interested in human food, apart from Friday night’s pasta which I had to bodyblock.
He only hides when he hears the doorbell, which made for a ‘fun’ Halloween (trick or treaters).
I can no longer pee without getting a furry visitor (this is not a euphemism).
I’m not going to get a lie-in for the next ten years. Is this what it’s like having kids?
If I sit down with nothing on my lap for more than 30 seconds, I get a cat in it.
Everything I own is now covered in fur.
I will be watching this campaign with interest.

He makes me laugh; he’s quite endearingly stupid and quite stupidly endearing. He’s astonishingly well behaved (mostly) and seems to recognise ‘off’ (the bed) and ‘no’, which is handy. I could bang on and on for ages – have I told you about him sleeping on the doormat/chasing screwed up balls of paper/his toilet habits/sleeping habits/that time he yacked up under the kitchen table? No? Don’t let me. I’m this close to becoming one of those mad spinsters whose life revolves around their cat(s). I read this with ‘interest’ in Cat Confidential (thanks, Kate!), about over-needy cat/human relationships. Apparently, you’re more likely to go a bit nuts with your cat if you’re:

  • female
  • live alone
  • have been treated for a psychological problem.

There are other factors, but still…



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