New home (belated)

I’ve given up hope of ever getting my internet back so here I am, staying late at work for my own personal nerd-ification. So yeah, I moved (like, seven weeks ago) and my parents and I spent an insane week painting, cleaning, building furniture, shopping (I never want to see Wickes again. I swear I spent £2k in a week), cleaning, drilling, gardening and cleaning. Ah, the cleaning. I think I need to replace the lino in the kitchen, it will never be properly clean. There are still little bits that need doing, but the flat has remained in a kind of stasis since the end of the first week – there’s still piles of unnecessary extension cords stacked under the computer table cos I can’t be arsed to put them away – and will probably only come together in the week before my parents come down again for Christmas. (Can’t bear the looks of amused disapproval.)

But I love it. It still hasn’t properly sunk in that it’s mine; I dyed my hair shortly after moving and got a couple of spots on the wall and my first thought was: ‘oh god, they’re way too small for the landlord to care abou… oh, yes, right.’ Hee. Even as I watched money drain out of my bank account while plumbers stood staring at the boiler, scratching their arses as they tried to figure out how to fix the problem they caused, I was still secretly chuffed to little death cos I finally had the ability to make these decisions. Radiator packs up? Fine, I’ll call the plumber (or not, as the case has been for the last week). Mmm, control freakery.

I also hadn’t realised how rootless I’ve been feeling. Now, I’m a die-hard townie; when I was younger I used to think I’d like to live in the country but gradually realised that if I’m not within five minutes’ walk of a supermarket (I’m sorry, did I just ruin my hippy credentials by not saying "farmer’s market"? I don’t care; sometimes you just need passata at 9pm) I would wither and die. That being said, I love having a garden. I hate the skanky creepy-crawlies that come with having a garden (I’m under attack from a snail invasion), but I have my own space. Oh, the space! For one small person, I sure as hell need a lot of room…


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