Much as I love Green Wing, and Julian Rhind-Tutt and Stephen Mangan in particular, I’m not quite sure what Barclaycard thought they were doing when they signed the pair up for the latest ad campaign. Green Wing wasn’t exactly a ratings smash – consistently nominated for those "voted by the public" comedy awards, and consistently getting 1.6% of the phone vote, it’s probably the dictionary definition of ‘cult’ – so who are the ads targeting? I can only hope it was a concept created by an internal department rather than an agency:

"We want the twenty-something market, yeah? They’ve got no job security, no chance of paying off their student loans and spend most of their time getting drunk rather than holding down proper relationships so they get into massive debt to ease the pain. We want a piece of that action! They like crazy, madcap comedy, so let’s get two really funny guys and get them to do… really unfunny things. Oh, and let’s make Rhind-Tutt look like he’s got his hair in a ponytail."

Next thing you know, John Barrowman will be advertising Tiscali and my whole world will fall apart.


2 responses to “Niche

  1. Pete November 15, 2006 at 10:42 am

    Honestly though, Torchwood isn’t a patch on Green Wing.
    I’m secretly enjoying it, but mostly because I want to see what Buffy would look like if it was filmed by the BBC in Wales for a fiver a day.

  2. Rachel November 15, 2006 at 11:32 am

    I suspect part of the appeal of Torchwood for me won’t have the same appeal for you… 🙂
    Look, I know John Barrowman’s 40 years old and gay, but for all my hippy liberal anti-firearm opinions, the sight of that bus poster of Captain Jack pointing a gun made me lose the power of speech every time I saw it.
    (I’ve stood three feet away from him in a pub you know. I nearly fainted.)

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