Lowest common denominator

I get SO infuriated by the Blue Inc radio adverts that I’m getting very close to throwing my alarm clock across the room. Not heard them? They run around a theme of: man talks to female friend. Female friend is so entranced by the man’s new clothes that she is desperate to have sex with him. The tagline: "Blue Inc. Where to get your kit on, and maybe get it off later".

I hang my head at the attitude of this store/ad agency towards its customers. Does it really think men are stupid or shallow enough to buy into that concept? It’s not even done with irony, like the Lynx ads. Is this how men are being targeted by advertisers? Really in-your-face and dumb-ass? I got annoyed by the Nivea for Men TV ads a few months ago as well ("you think you look good. She thinks you look tired"). Who cares! Are ad agencies really sitting in a room going "OK, so men have really short attention spans, don’t get nuance or subtle messages and think with their dicks. How can we possibly get them to part with their cash? Hmmm… *taps chin with pen*"

If I were a guy, I’d be really offended by this. It’s bad enough that women get targeted by pointless face creams ("I’m 68, not bad nuh?" And I’m sorry, when did 68 become "really mature"?), bifidus digestivus yoghurts and toilet cleaner (‘your life will be meaningless if you don’t have these products!’) but to openly start on men? What, did the women stop listening? Did too many of us read No Logo or stop reading shite like Elle? Did someone, somewhere, wake up to the fact that men are capable of shopping for themselves and don’t, actually, trail around after their wives and are not, actually, neanderthals? And if that’s the case – why target neanderthal messages at the men?!


4 responses to “Lowest common denominator

  1. Will December 6, 2006 at 12:08 am

    Men don’t pay attention to advertising the way women do, so they can pretty much say what they want. They obviously had a budget to do some advertising targeting the male dynamic but realised this, so just cobbled together some half-arsed shit.
    As if women care what clothes you’re wearing. We all know it’s the bank balance they’re after.
    Blue Inc. Because you can’t even afford H&M.

  2. Rachel December 6, 2006 at 9:39 am

    Euw, that would mean that ‘most women’ want to go out with some tosspot like a City banker (the rhyming slang is there for a reason) or an accountant.
    Actually, I was in Lewisham Shopping Centre on Saturday and saw my first Blue Inc store. “Ah,” I thought. “It’s a shop for chavs…” It added a level to my understanding.

  3. Nick December 6, 2006 at 10:34 am

    The one I find funny is the anti-wrinkle one for blokes which goes something like “Out with the LADS last night having BEER and doing BLOKEY things, so I better freshen up with lovely soft anti-wrinkle cream”. It is just ridiculous.
    These news ads are making me have a bit of a fondness for the “Go From Grey To Great!” ads (they missed a trick not having Tony the Tiger do that one). They now seems so dated compared to the new product ads.

  4. Nick December 6, 2006 at 10:41 am

    Oh forgot. The ads I like which don’t seem to be going through some masculine identity crisis are those Carlsberg ads (“Carlberg don’t do…”). They’ve done some brilliant ones.

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