Tax return

Ever since I started freelancing to supplement my meagre journo’s salary, I’ve had to complete a tax return. Never mind that I haven’t actually done any freelancing for over three years; I still have to fill one in. In theory it’s very simple – just copy down the info from my P60 and enter "0" under self-employment but I never, never, have any luck with it. I’ve either lost my P60 or have massive problems logging in; and because I hate doing it I always leave it til really late so I’m always cutting it fine when it comes to resolving problems. This year I thought I had it sorted; I collected all my bits of paper together with the form, I saved the login and password on my PC so I wouldn’t forget them. Only the login doesn’t seem to be working (I used this same file to copy and paste from last year; I can’t be doing it wrong!); the only way to get a new login and/or password is by snail-mail and of course I haven’t told them I’ve moved… so I have to call them up tomorrow, wait three days for the admin and then request the new login. And this year there’s the added annoyance of having to file from work cos of the continuing-lack-of-home-internet.

And people wonder why I hate Adam Hart-Davis so much. Tax doesn’t have to be taxing my arse…


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