Shopping hell

I’m sat in the Strand easyInternet Cafe cos I needed some stuff out of my Yahoo email (when, oh when, will I be connected at home?!) after two very heavy days of Christmas shopping. Not sure how I ended up having to spend so much time on Oxford Street this year – last year it was largely done online, and very pleasant it was too! I hate Oxford Street at the best of times, and December is not the best of times. So many people, so hot and cramped. So many stupid people (standout was a loud white South African in H&M; three tills, one queue – everyone had grasped it, but it looked like him and his wife had split two tills between them, so when he reached the ‘front’ (not surprising as he just stood behind the person paying) the cashier asked him to go to the back of the real queue. He then complained to the manager "this is the most ridiculous queueing system I’ve ever seen. Paris, Milan, it’s not like this" – er, you’re shopping in H&M, it’s not exactly Galleries Lafayette… he was just trying to soothe his ego at being ‘made to look foolish’ – of course, if he hadn’t then made a scene nobody would have given him a second thought…).

My arms ache from carrying bags and my thighs ache from the unaccustomed walking. That said, I am loving this new smock/sweater dress style thing – quite different from last year’s smock effort, which was terribly boho and managed to make even me look pregnant. This year they’re slimmer and I keep being drawn to them (oh yes, all this shopping isn’t entirely for other people!). Ha – look at me, I’m actually vaguely fashionable for once!

Better go catch a train home and massge my aching neck. Why would shopping make my neck ache? Is it some muscle linkage from the arms? Baaaaaah.


2 responses to “Shopping hell

  1. kate December 14, 2006 at 7:46 pm

    smocks are fashionable in england????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    right that’s it, i’m not coming back EVER.

  2. Rachel December 14, 2006 at 10:04 pm

    They’re actually nice smock/tunics things! Honestly, they’re not all the cheesecloth and fringed stuff it was last year!!

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