There is another way

I have internet at home!! No, not broadband – a friend at work gave me some account details for dial-up, so I’m creaking and plodding at a speed of 45kbps but who cares! I have internet at home! Oh, my internet connection, let’s make a pact never to be apart for so long again – what technology has joined together, let no Tiscali pull asunder.

Of course, this means that the cat has to deal with the loss of his lap for sleepy time for significant portions of the evening. Earlier he was rubbing round my ankles so I had to pick him up; I forsee much surfing time with the occasional paw making some interesting blog entries. Oh huzzah, I’ll be able to blog the funny little things he does while I’m online. What an excellent way to lose all my readers!

Actually I’m very excited – I was watching the penultimate episode of this series of Scrubs earlier and what song accompanies the last three minutes of the episode? Only Easier to Lie, by top beat combo Aqualung! It is the weirdest feeling to have someone you know singing out your TV at you, especially when you don’t expect it; very deju vu moment back to the first time I heard the VW Beetle ad. It wasn’t even a snippet either, it was the full track and I scared the neighbours by singing along (it gets very high at one point), if I hadn’t already scared them by yelping "Matt!" at full volume. Hey, it’s one of my favourite songs of theirs.

Oops, gotta go – geekout calls…


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