Well, even if tickets had been available for the Scala gig it turns out that nobody likes Idlewild (what’s that about?), or not enough to pay lots of cash money to see them (seriously, what is that about?). Fortunately I’m dumb enough to pay booking fee+extortionate postage fee+other ticket price to make sure I can go to the Hammersmith Palais gig (anyone been there before? Wossit like? Please tell me it’s not another Carling place; I hate going to Brixton, drinking one plastic pint of weak piss and feeling full up and bloated before moshing time). Anyway, it’s worth it – I go to the cinema by myself but I draw the line at gigs. It’s that "girl at a gig" thing; men can get away with it, but women at gigs usually have one of a number of assumptions made about them:

  • they’re there with their boyfriend
  • they fancy the band
  • they’re fucking the band
  • they hope to be fucking the band

I think it’s part of that thing where joint record collections are supposed to 90% made of the guy’s albums, and the woman’s contributions are supposedly soundtracks or ABBA compilations. It annoys me, and I’m not cool enough to get away with adopting that ‘screw you, I don’t care what you think of me’ attitude while leaning against the sweat-encrusted wall with my plastic pint. (Festivals are different.) Venues are a no-go-solo area. So I thank my volunteer 🙂

Edit: it’s a gig-tastic blogsplosion


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