Rampant consumerism

I am, finally, ready for Christmas. I’ve fallen sucker to that stereotypical “must have new stuff for Christmas” bug in that I’ve bought a new sofa and a new TV; I’m surrendering my bedroom to my parents for the week, so if I’m to kip in the living room I wanted a decent sofa bed rather than my 15 year old futon (bonus: with a sofa bed I’m not flat on the floor so the cat has to make an effort if he wants to walk on me). And the TV – weeeell, the old one was a dodgy little portable, and I want Dr Who in its full widescreen glory šŸ™‚ Though it’s a digital enabled TV and I realised too late that I don’t actually have an aerial on the building. I’m still trying to work out the best position for the external aerial. At the moment I’m thinking… the bin? (It’s not very good.)

The fridge and freezer are groaning under the weight of having to cater for three people rather than one. Like Margot in The Good Life, I got Christmas delivered from Abel and Cole and Ocado (whoops, hang on, the locals have just pitched up outside my front door with placards saying “middle class invaders out now”, or something. Excuse me, I’ll just have to nip out and tell them to jolly well go away…).

The flat is decorated, I’m waiting for the tree to arrive in the back of the parents’ car and the presents are out. None of this “buy a starving orphan a ball of string” for me this year – I want STUFF! Damn you, I bought a flat; I need things like knife sharpeners and drills. Actually, the thing I’m most excited about is the cinnamon stars – zimt stern – I found in the bakery at Selfridges (oh dear, the locals appear to have returned… hang on, I’ll give them a good telling off and appeal to their sense of working class inferiority…). I first found cinnamon stars in Austria a few years ago at Easter – they were flogging them off – and they are gorgeous. See? Germanic things are just nicer at Christmas.


2 responses to “Rampant consumerism

  1. Nick December 24, 2006 at 1:35 pm

    You don’t have a drill yet!? You need to get one. Whatever household problem life throws at you you’ll feel better once you are holding a drill garunteed.

  2. Rachel December 25, 2006 at 12:29 pm

    I now not only have a drill, but a 70 piece drill set to go with it.
    My flat is going to look like swiss cheese very soon…

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