Post Christmas post

*yawn* That’s the trouble with having your parents to stay, you can’t really blog on your blog that you don’t want them to have the address of when your computer is in the front room, so you have to wait til they’ve gone to bed. It’s hardly great subterfuge, but then I also don’t really want to answer my email with them sat six feet away either…

Anyway, this season of celebrating the birth of our Lord shameless chocolate pig-out and telly-fest has been passing quite painlessly, tucked away as I am from extended family. I’ve taken the parents to Greenwich and on the London Eye, and on Christmas Day itself I had been up for driving into the centre of London – I’ve always wanted to see central London virtually empty; I figure 25 December is pretty much the only way to do it, barring some 28 Days Later-style disaster – but in the end we couldn’t be arsed. Ah well, the best laid plans of Bagelmice and men, eh? We had a wander round the local park under the leaden grey skies that have characterised this Yuletide. I hope at least New Years Day is clear and crisp. It will all feel wrong if it’s constantly gloomy and drizzly. I’m very pleased with my Christmas tree though, it’s all gold and russet decorations. Very Victorian. I’m going to try and get a photo up here if I manage to buy a digital camera out of all the Christmas and birthday money-and-vouchers. Does that mean braving the sales? I’m afraid it might just do.

The cat has been having a general freak-out at there being more than one person in the flat (boy, is he going to be confused when they go home) though he’s rather taken with the sofabed and, in particular, the sleeping bag. He seems to like the rustling sound – he’s currently curled up fast asleep on it again and I’m going to have another battle to get into it tonight, and then sod all sleep – it’s quite discomfiting to turn over, half-asleep, to find the cat attempting to share the pillow. I’ve woken up with a yelp of "hyurrgh!" far too often this week.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my makeshift bed calls and I shall go and dream of Doctor Who (naturally I’ve watched the Christmas special more than once…)


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