New Year

Some things don’t change, and as it’s the New Year and people are doing some reflecting, I thought I’d do the opposite because I’m an awkward sonofabitch.

  • The cat will always be mad. He will mewl outside my bedroom door and scamper round the house on the exact days when I just want to go to sleep.
  • The crazy guy on the bus will always pick on me to hurl insults at. And when I go into the Chinese to kill time so he won’t follow me home and leaving me bleeding on the pavement, he will of course also want Chinese.
  • The Chinese will then make me feel sick.
  • E4 will always be stuck in a time-warped Friends cycle. It ends, it starts again. It is a comforting presence in a sick sad world.

And now I’m going to watch This Life + 10 and see how much everyone has swelled. They change, they stay the same. See?


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