364 days…

…to go until I turn 30. You’re an intelligent, discerning sort of person, so you know that means I had my 29th birthday yesterday. Mid-January is a fairly rubbish time to have a birthday (sorry, new Ledlin, but it’s true); it’s cold, grey and rainy, everyone’s broke and still knackered from New Year. And I had to work, which could be the first time I’ve done a full day on my birthday in about six years (too much to bloody do). So I had a few1 quiet drinks2 in the pub after work, sensibly retiring early3 and not spending any time at all on rail replacement buses or hunting down the cat before he killed himself on the road.

I’m going to enjoy my remaining twenties…

1 lots
2 pints of wifebeater
3 closing


2 responses to “364 days…

  1. Nick January 19, 2007 at 11:57 am

    Mid January isn’t that bad a time. This year has been bad though due to it not being proper cold 😦 There is meant to be frost and bitter coldness by Jan 17th not mild drizzlyness. It doesn’t feel right otherwise.
    *gives Old Man Winter a stern look*

  2. Rachel January 19, 2007 at 5:49 pm

    You’re right, I’m used to there being snow on my birthday.
    But then I am Northern.
    The weather’s usually a bit pants but when you’re a kid that’s OK. It’s only when you get older and you realise that your birthday always co-incides with people being broke, mock exams or end of semester exams. This is probably where I got used to celebrating my birthday later in the month – when exams were over!

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