Procrastination, thy name is Bagelmouse

The Co-op’s selling off cinnamon and raisin bagels, so my kitchen now smells of bready spices. Mmm. It’s also the first time in years I’ve had cinnamon and raisin bagels, despite them being my favourite bagels. And you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking they’re responsible for the creation of la Bagelmouse; it’s a Saturday, I’m waiting in for a courier, why not tell the tale?

Back at university, I had my first encounter with the evil password demon “please enter a new password that is not contained in a dictionary” (thanks, Simon) after trying ‘bagel’, having been eating a lot of them at the time. I remember looking around the URN studios blankly, trying to come up with something else. I don’t have the kind of memory that can retain passwords like “zhY95ia” so eventually came up with ‘bagelmouse’. It was accepted. A year (and a few password changes) later I started using it as an internet handle. I do not think of myself as being particularly bagelly or mousey.

OK, it’s not so much a tale as an insight into how my mind works. It’s the same process that created my previous internet home, Frognoise. My brain connects random bits of information together at the most bizarre times.

Can you tell I’m trying to put off filling in my tax return?


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