It’s alright

I’ve very illegally downloaded three tracks from the new Aqualung album to listen to before the Spitz gig on Thursday. And… oh. They’re alright; they’ve got the same kind of processed drum sound that Radiohead used on the much maligned Kid A – say what you want, as far as I’m concerned National Anthem and Idioteque are among the best stuff they’ve ever done – but the rest is… a bit MOR?

This was always going to be the danger with Aqualung. In RUTH/The 45s, Ben was the punk heart and teenage angst of the band whereas Matt was the romantic who tended to write beautifully structured songs about his baby that would often fail to excite in the same way as Ben’s stuff. And as Aqualung is Matt’s project… I know what the guy who’s got the downloads means when he says it sounds like the soundtrack to an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It pains me to write this, I hope you appreciate that. The truth is painful, but it will out. Mind you, props to anyone who can reference Moominland in a song (Black Hole).

Oh, as long as they play Easier To Lie, Left Behind (otherwise known as The One That Rocks) and Brighter Than Sunshine at the Spitz I won’t care. (Incidentally, listen to Brighter Than Sunshine for another, musical, way of putting the previous cynical post.)


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