Words. Eaten. (Quite tasty)

Let it be said that I’m not proud. (Ha, I live with El Mog, you really can’t have much pride in that kind of situation.) Anyway, I said that the new Aqualung songs were kind of ‘meh’. But then I went to the gig on Thursday (I would have blogged earlier but I’ve been dealing with a wigging out cat) and… well, they played different songs from the very illegal download, and they were great. I’d go so far as to say they rocked. Ben says they’ve almost come full circle from the indie-pop days of RUTH, but I wouldn’t go that far. Did I say Ben? Oh yes, my friends, I hung out with the band post-gig. (Question: does it count as name-dropping when the person whose name you’re dropping isn’t actually that famous?) I collared Phil, their manager, afterwards and got to enter the hallowed ‘band only’ level right at the top of the Spitz.

The whole thing was great. I used to go to RUTH/45s gigs all the time (I lost count some time ago but I think my attendance is around the thirty-mumfthing mark) and I loved them. Even when I was feeling hacked off I’d come out with a big grin. And certain things became so familiar; Ben’s style of axemanship that seems to involve fighting his Rickenbacker to stop it escaping, Matt forgetting the words, Ben calling his brother a cunt onstage… and I miss that. It’s a sense of familiarity that I think you only get when you’re a regular part of a small audience (hello Ed, Nic and Fiona) and even though I’m already in a ridiculously good mood at the moment I spent Friday drifting around, humming Easier To Lie and Pressure Suit to myself (incidentally: in Pressure Suit, I can’t help mentally changing the line "I’ll be your respirator" to "I’ll be your mashed potater". I don’t know why) and smiling in a ‘hello trees, hello flowers’ way.

So yes. They were good. They rocked – sort of. Most of it was electric rather than acoustic guitar. And I got the old sense of fuzziness. Oh – and it turns out Ben lives within a pleasant strolling distance of my flat. Mwhaha, I retain the title of über-fan, stalker extraordinaire, without even trying!

Mmm. Life is good.


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