A random happening of things

I was about to leave for work yesterday when I happened to glance into the back garden. There were a couple of men climbing over the back fence with ladders. I went out…
Me: "Errrr, can I help?"
Man: "Oh sorry, we’re just putting up the scaffolding."
Me: "Yuh-hmmm. [beat] Scaffolding?"

Turns out the woman who lives upstairs is having a new boiler installed and they had to get at the wall to put in a new flue. What got me though, was that she apparently hadn’t wanted to ring the doorbell or leave me a note because I ‘get home late’. Yes, so by far the best option was to let me see strange men tramping around my garden, or come home to find scaffolding up against the kitchen window.

And this is why I haven’t asked her to look after the cat when I go away…

This might tickle you. Sent by a colleague:

"This email was sent from my Blackberry and may contain spelling mistakes."


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