Mouse house

Turns out that El Mog is not the mouse-repellant that Will thought he was; I discovered a chewed chocolate bar and a couple of mouse poos in one of my cupboards earlier. And I have to admit, again, that I was wrong – El Mog has been sniffing around the cupboard and mewing for some time and I’ve been telling him that if there were mice, I’d hear them scratching. (Not my first mouse infestation, my friends!)

I know how it/they are getting in, there are holes in the back of the cupboard for a boiler valve and switch. So, I’ve moved all my food that isn’t in cans or glass to a non-holey cupboard and I’ll see if the carpenter can make me something to block the holes up with.

Failing that, I’ll shut the cat in the cupboard for a day and see what happens. He’ll probably be scared of the mice.


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