Valentine’s Day

Ha! HA! See? Valentine’s Day is rubbish. Or, as I like to call it, No Imagination Day. I seriously hate Valentine’s, and it has nothing to do with being single. It’s all the crap that’s wrapped around it – it’s partly the commercialism, sure, but it’s mainly the fact that it’s so incredibly inflexible. Apparently, if you want to be a good Valentine you have to buy roses, things with hearts on and pink things. It doesn’t matter what your other half actually likes, you MUST buy red roses! This isn’t romantic, this is being dictated to. Surely being romantic is stopping to think. Personally, I like spring flowers – daffs, the humble iris. I don’t like roses at all (well, apart from cream ones with golden hearts; such a flower is a thing of beauty and a joy forever). One Valentine’s Day I was presented with a single red rose wrapped in cellophane, but it was obviously the last one in the shop because it was a bit wilted and going black at the edges. I wasn’t a bitch, I made all the right noises, but I think the level of my response was matched by the level of thought that was put into buying the flower. And the sad thing was, he thought he was being the best boyfriend ever when all he had to do was buy the far cheaper bunch of daffodils next to the sad rose to show how well he knew me. But he thought he was being the best boyfriend ever because Valentine’s Day says that’s what he should have done. It is the enemy of imagination. And I hate it.

Boycott Valentine’s Day! Make every day a day for romance, don’t just hive off one day of the year for fake-romance! Shake off the shackles of the Valentine!


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