Proper fucking snow

Pish! to the paltry inch of snow we had in London last week. Pish! I say. I’ve just come back from two days in Cleveland which was at the heart of a massive fucking blizzard that swept the north-east of America. Bear in mind that this is the States and they’re used to extremes of weather over here… the office closed early on Tuesday so people could get a head start going home. I got a cab the three blocks to the hotel (what, you think I’d walk? I know I’m Northern but I’m not stupid) and the roads were gridlocked with drivers doing that thing when they lose common sense and stop across junctions, thereby blocking everyone in, locked into that desperate mindset of ‘mustgethomemustgethome’. The three blocks took 20 minutes.

The snow was powder dry so it blew off the top and into your face; the wind was so sharp you couldn’t breathe if you were facing it. By the time we finished dinner it had drifted to two foot deep and was still coming down. Of course, the next day the roads were ploughed and gritted and my journey to the airport was amazingly smooth. It was amazing though – I haven’t seen snow like that in years! (*cough* global warming *cough*) Snow was piled up six inches on branches, it had even got into the jetways at the airport. Temperatures were flashing up that I’ve never actually seen before (-10 degrees? Before factoring in the windchill? Not even funny). Pretty cool. See the photos here and here.


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