Vague positivity

I’ve spent this afternoon working in the hotel room, after a migraine threatened (two days working in what basically amounted to a cupboard left me with a craving for natural light). I’m looking across at the Hudson as the sun goes down and it’s filling me with a slightly vague sense of positivity (this is, of course, to be expected; the cycles of ups and downs are as predictable as the rising and setting of this very same sun I’m watching now…). In fact, this is what I can see right now:

Dsc00180 Dsc00182 View from the hotel, inside and out. Rather fetching, if I say so myself. (Well, the outside anyway; inside depends on your penchant for seeing my stuff cast across the beds).

I’ve got slightly over 24 hours left so I’ve checked out the readers’ tips section of Travel Guardian and identified some places to eat that will hopefully have proper plates rather than plastic, and not charge the earth for the privilege. I also have to find a baseball cap for Dad (mesh back, short brim, no logo, preferably blue. Fuck, and they say women are fussy) though I have my eye on one from H&M – the women’s section. Just don’t tell him where I got it from, OK?

I plan to go to Central Park tomorrow and take photos if there’s any snow still around (can’t imagine there won’t be) and also Grand Central Station. Because apparently over 100 photos on my digital camera isn’t quite enough…

Things I like about New York:

Pancakes, french toast, bagels, cheesecake, milkshakes, York bars. I must find that chocolate shop in the Village again, it seemed to be doing a ton of various hot chocolates. I think that may come in handy tomorrow.

I have yet to be ID’d when buying alcohol. I haven’t figured out whether this is a compliment or not.

I get broadband in my hotel room, so I’ve been working to the accompaniment of all the stuff I haven’t been able to listen to over the past four and a half months. Hey, Jamie, your band isn’t entirely shit! (Soothing thoughts, hun, soothing thoughts.) If I don’t have my login waiting for me when I get home there will be hell to pay, I swear…

But still, I hanker after London. New York’s too forbidding, too tall, too brown. London’s a comforting height, it’s like having a roof over your head as opposed to a cavern. And it’s a soothing shade of beige. The streets have curves and a sense of longevity. Here everything is too structured, too brash, too sure of itself. I think if I lived here I’d still always feel like a visitor, whereas in London I felt at home the first time I went there.

That said, there’s something about a sunset that makes anywhere seem beguiling. I think I shall wrap up warm now and venture out into the New York night. Sweet dreams, my fellow travellers.


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