Home sweet home

I’m back – at least, in body if not entirely in mind. (I had today off work; woke up and felt a bit pukey and totally out of it. Bloody recycled air on planes.)

I’ve finished uploading my photos to the New York album. Central Park was indeed covered in snow – rock hard snow that had set into ice – and was very pretty. I bought a bottle of water from one of the stall vendors, went to take a swig and thought ‘what the fuck…?’ as something hard hit my mouth. It was ice. Kind of to be expected sitting outside in the cold, the water had begun to completely freeze over. I also went to Bryant Park, one of my favourite spots in the city. It’s like a cathedral of trees within a cathedral of buildings, although when the trees are bare it has an air of melancholy about it. You can’t really do much there when it’s cold; it’s more a ‘sit around and have a cup of coffee and a read’ place, but I still wanted to stop by.

My mission to find good pancakes struck gold at the Pershing Square Cafe, which claims to make the best pancakes in America. Can’t really quibble with that, they were lighter than air… I must find somewhere that sells buttermilk. I think that’s the key to making American pancakes rather than European crepe-style ones. Must… have… the… pancakes…

The flight back was weird; a flat bed on a plane is a strange thing, especially when you start going through turbulence. I think I had a few hours’ dozing, but certainly no absolute sleep. (Snaffled a sleepsuit as well. Hooray, black pyjamas! I am finally a complete goth.) I think the best part of the whole business-flight thing was the Revivals Lounge back at Heathrow. Proper bathroom, with a radio, and pastries outside. I always hate it when you’ve been travelling for ages and wearing the same clothes, and you start to feel less than human. A shower can right many of these wrongs. (Note: Cowshed products are great, but Cheeky Cow stinks to high heaven.)

El Mog is being passive-aggressive. His purr-motor is running overtime but he’s meowing from 5am just to make a point. I’m not sure he knows what point he’s trying to make, but he seems to think he ought to make one. If he does it again tonight he’s going out – I need some sleep!


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