Speccy four-eyes

Ah. Turns out I don’t do jetlag all that well… have spent most of this week asking people what I agreed to do the day before. This is what comes of not saving sent emails.

Anyway, I went to the opticians earlier and have been told I am now a definite glasses-wearer. I’ve had a pair for several years but only needed them at the theatre or to read tiny print on a powerpoint presentation – most of the time I forget I have them and they live on the chest of drawers in the living room. Lately, though, I’ve been getting headaches; it appears that’s because my eyes have completely changed shape (how? how do one’s eyes spontaneously alter?) and I’m now astigmatic – that means my eyeballs are oval, as opposed to spherical, optometry fans – and next week I’ll pick up two pairs of glasses (god bless the BuyOneGetOneFree phenomenon) that I’ll need to wear when at the computer. Or reading. Or looking into the distance. So, pretty much all the time then. Hey, if I can hold a pint without spilling anything I’ll be fine (this is a talent my 91-year-old Grandad, who is registered blind, has. Now there’s one thing I won’t mind getting through heredity!)


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