Hooray! Warbies finally gets the recognition it deserves! Moving down to London (the seven year anniversary of which is on Tuesday, as it happens) was marred only by the fact you couldn’t get Warburtons bread in London, so I was happy beyond words when Sainsburys started selling it a few years ago. (Of course, now my nearest bread retailer is a Co-op and the best they can do is Hovis. *spit*)

Warbies is the best mass-produced bread around. My Dad worked for British Bakeries (Mother’s Pride, Hovis) for nearly 30 years, and on his delivery round would meet up with the Warbies delivery guy and they’d do a swap – couple of loaves for Dad, some Mr Kipling or crumpets for the Warbies guy – Dad simply refused to eat the stuff he carried. Warbies is softer, it lasts longer and is simply tastier. Want to know why? Most bread manufacturers steam their dough (if you want a full description of how bread gets made, read Felicity Lawrence’s Not on the Label; quite grim) whereas Warbies still actually bake theirs. And they do lovely seeded and organic loaves. Join the bread revolution – buy some Warbies today!


One response to “Warbies

  1. kate February 25, 2007 at 11:10 am

    i went to school with the Warburtons daughters; did i ever tell you that?
    do you remember the TV ad with three generations of the family on it? yeah, those daughters.

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